Is Your Career Strategy Coherent?

You want to be a consultant, but you haven't done much to sell consulting engagements. Or maybe you want to get promoted, but you are reluctant to step up and fight for the bigger, higher risk assignments.

These are examples of incoherence.

You want one thing, but you do another. You spend months or even years operating under a loose, often-unstated plan that makes (sorry) no sense.

Of course, you don't think of it this way. You think, "I am being patient, learning new skills, and building my confidence. When the time is right, I will _______."


The path to coherence is coherence. 

Your career strategy has to make sense. If it doesn't, you are just wasting years and wasting potential. Your potential.

I don't mean to be critical or judgmental. I speak from experience, having wasted many years operating with an incoherent career strategy.

From that experience, I can tell you that life is much, much better once you invest the time and effort in becoming coherent.

Image: JuditK/Flickr