I’m a social media ghostwriter for entrepreneurs


“Bruce has a way of re-framing seemingly complex ideas simply and concisely, making you wonder why you thought they were complicated in the first place”

— Amazon reviewer of Bruce Kasanoff’s book, How to Self-Promote without Being a Jerk


I've long been a social media ghostwriter for entrepreneurs. My niche is both simple and powerful: we have a conversation, and then I turn our discussion into a post or article. For you, it's fun and rewarding. For me, too.

My ideal client has two to 500 employees—a few have over 1,000—and a national or international focus.

I believe in social media's power to transform your life and career; used correctly, it allows you to be clear and focused with regards to your values, goals, and expertise. You can find and build relationships with talented co-creators. You can attract the best possible clients. Most importantly, you can become the very best version of yourself.

You’ll find me to be far more strategic than a typical writer… this enables me to ask you powerful questions that serve to clarify your thinking, beliefs, and key messages.

I use this framework to magnify the talent, reach and results of my clients.

I use this framework to magnify the talent, reach and results of my clients.


How to get started

Your first step is to schedule an introductory call. We’ll talk about your needs, and I can explain my process and what you should expect.


Other writers write what you say. I nudge you to think at your highest level and most focused level, then write for you the results of that deeper thought process.


Books and Articles

Since the work I do for clients is 100% confidential, I here are examples of work I’ve shared under my own name.