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Before you write a book, establish a strong following and the ability to promote your book...

If you want to write a book, I have good news and bad news.

I don't ghostwrite books, mainly because I have too many clients to devote most of my time to just one. That's the bad news.

But I can help you in ways that can benefit you greatly.

I use social media to help many authors test ideas for a new book. We do this by sharing posts and articles, and by observing how your target audience reacts. 

In many cases, you will find that some of your "big" ideas aren't as compelling as you hoped, but that other sleeper ideas emerge and become your next big ideas.

I also can help you conceptualize your editorial content and sharpen your key themes, so that you are in a much stronger position to move forward with the book.

When you think about it, this "test, then write" strategy makes a lot more sense then locking yourself away for a year or two, and only finding out how people feel after you've done all the work.