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Build credibility, grow your reach, and demonstrate how useful your insights are...

Many of my clients use the phrase "thought leader" to express a fairly wide range of goals that include:

  • Broadening or strengthening your professional reputation

  • Increasing the perceived value of your services and offerings

  • Positioning yourself to make a career leap

  • Becoming a contributor to Forbes, INC., HBR, or another prestigious media outlet

In such circumstances, I generally provide two key services.

The first is helping you to conceptualize a theme and/or series of articles that genuinely help others and attract attention for you.

The second is working with you to craft each piece. In many cases, my client and I have a conversation about each piece, and then I do the actual writing. The result is a compelling and engaging piece written in your voice on the basis of your best ideas.

I've spent 20 years working with thought leaders across numerous industries, and many of my current clients fall into this category. That said, I also welcome new clients who are just now starting to think in these terms.