GENUINE: How to Succeed in Business by Being Yourself

Over the years, I’ve come to be an expert on being genuine, and I love love love to speak at companies and events on this topic.

I’ve gone from being a branding steward for IBM at Ogilvy & Mather…to a 1to1 marketing pioneer at Peppers & Rogers Group… to the author of How to Self-Promote (without Being a Jerk)… to a LinkedIn Influencer who has been outspoken in showing people how to succeed in business by being yourself.

My evolution…

Moving through the above experiences, I realized that success is no longer about positioning, marketing or spin. We all are fed up with hype… even those whose job it is to generate it.

But in a competitive world, there are good reasons why people feel uncomfortable being genuine. My role is to show you how to do this in a safe and highly rewarding manner.

My speeches and workshops highlight the benefits that accrue in your career and organization when you move through life in this way.

I speak frankly about the challenges and opportunities inherent in being genuine, and present pragmatic techniques for maintaining such an approach in the face of forces that push us all towards superficiality.

  • Instead of spinning the truth, tell the truth.

  • Instead of curating a fake image, be the real you.

  • Instead of hiding your flaws, invite others to help you.

  • Instead of using social media to sell, use it to reveal the genuine you, to both others as well as yourself.

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"Thank you for providing an excellent keynote to kick off our conference in the main tent. Throughout the conference, each of us heard references to the challenges you put in front of our OD members."

 David Brown, President, Independent Doctors of Optometric Care (IDOC)

“'A delight... an inspiration... a breath of fresh air.' These are the kinds of comments we’ve been getting from attendees ever since Bruce spoke at Bend WebCAM in October.

— Cam Davis, Co-Chair, Bend WebCAM Conference

"I just wanted to say thank you once again for sharing your expertise with your dynamic presentation on Saturday. I had to watch most of it from the hallway due to the popularity!"

— Stephen A. Kirsche, Jr., Wesleyan University

"Thank you again for the terrific job you did keynoting the Platinum PR Awards. It was a pleasure working with you, and your ‘Help This Person’ message is certain to inspire the hundreds of PR professionals at our event.

— Steve Goldstein, Editorial Director of Events - Access International/PR News

"You are inspiring (both personally and professionally). Haven’t stopped thinking about the words of wisdom, and the notable experiences that you shared during your two talks."

— Susan Sano Berado, Online Content Strategist