What it’s like to work with me…

My clients are successful entrepreneurs. They have a lot of ideas. I help them focus on one idea at a time, sharing that idea in a clear, concise and powerful manner. The result? Better results.

Clarity sets you above the millions of other voices competing for attention across the social media landscape.

Here’s how it works…

I always write for a specific person, usually the founder or CEO of a company (but also others, too). The social media pieces I create are in his or her voice, as they are based on weekly conversations I have with my client. As you probably know, such personal and genuine posts are what works best on social media.

My client and I have a standing weekly call, usually of 30 minutes. We have a conversation about a specific topic, but my client does not need to do any advance preparation. I capture at least 50% of his or her words verbatim, and use them in our posts.

These days, most clients prefer to share short (about 200 word) posts on LinkedIn, but I can also create articles or content for other outlets.

My base retainer covers a weekly call plus 1-2 short posts a week; if you need more content, no worries… I can adjust my retainer.

You're not just paying me for writing. The vast majority of my clients value our weekly conversations as extremely valuable in helping them clarify what matters most to them, and in refining how to best communicate with others. I offer strategic guidance and ask powerful questions that lead to greater insights.

Here’s a 45-second video that explains slightly more…

Three reasons to publish regularly on social media

There are many reasons to publish regularly on social media, including:

1.) To strengthen your existing relationships
2.) To attract valuable new customers and talented employees
3.) To make it clear what you stand for (and thus make it easier for employees and customers to embrace your point of view)

I can help you with all three. I won't take much of your time or money, but you will see an immediate impact from my support.

This is what makes me unique:

Lots of writers say they understand social media. I’ve attracted a following of over 850,000 professionals on LinkedIn; this proves I understand social media. (If you can find a writer with more followers, you may want to hire him or her, instead of me.)

I hesitate to say this, because it might create the impression I am ego-driven, expensive, and sold out. None of those are true. I almost always have room for one more client.

What to expect from me...

I work fast and produce top-notch content.

I'm much more than just a writer. I've launched companies, raised venture capital, been a highly successful speaker, and helped technology companies go from startup to IPO. Today, I'm a ghostwriter by choice, because it's invigorating and enlightening to have smart people call me each day with their best ideas.

The next step

Please press the button and let me know a convenient time for us to talk. I can learn about your goals, and also tell you a bit more about how I can help you.


Do you ghostwrite books? Sorry, no. But I can help you use social media to test and refine ideas you’d like to include in a book.

Can I see samples of your work? All my client work is confidential, so I can't share that. But I have written over 600 articles under my own name on LinkedIn, and over 100 articles on Forbes. Prospective clients use these pieces as a way to explore my ability to write in a clear and compelling manner.

What is your typical turnaround? One to two days for social media posts.

What topics do you write about? If you can describe it, I can write about it. That said, I have often written about technology, career development, business strategy, financial services, health care, innovation, startups, venture capital, personal development, leadership, marketing, customer experience, and social innovation.

What does the ghostwriter (me) do versus the ghostwriter's client (you)? In most cases, my client has both an interesting set of ideas and a reason to share them. For example, a CEO might wish to inspire his or her employees and also attract clients. An entrepreneur may be trying to get both investors and potential customers excited about their startup.

In all cases, my client has a goal. It might be to grow their business or simply to share a lifetime's worth of knowledge. Some clients are deeply interested in the creative process, while others simply want to keep their name front and center. Either way, my job is to package my client's ideas in the most compelling way possible.

Is it "cheating" to use a ghostwriter? There's one reason why I love being a ghostwriter, and that's because it exposes me to fascinating and accomplished people. So it's ridiculous to believe that a ghostwriter supplies the ideas; 95% of the time, the client supplies the ideas.

How much time does it take to work with a ghostwriter? Most of my client conversations are about 30 minutes long.

I typically send my client a draft about two days after we speak. The client then has to read my draft and get back to me with any feedback. My goal is to produce a perfect draft that needs no changes, but from time to time there are a few changes, which I make promptly. So it's pretty easy for my clients to publish articles two or three days after we talk.

What is the key to success? Most of my clients—in some respect—make their living through thought leadership and by growing the value of their intellectual property (IP). My job is to increase the value of their IP by spreading it in a clear, compelling, and engaging way across social media.

Having done this for years, I've learned that one element rises above all others when it comes to social media success: publishing regularly. That is, if you don't publish on a regular, predictable basis, you won't be happy with your results. For that reason, I ask that new clients agree to publish at least four times a month, and preferably six. 

Do you work on resumes/CVs? Sorry, no. 

Does social media attract new clients? Yes! Aside from referrals, I get 100% of my new clients from social media. I do no outbound selling or advertising. My best clients have similar experiences. I say "best" because success on social media requires persistence and consistency; readers have to get used to seeing your posts, so that they begin to look for them. Trust develops over time, and curiosity builds. I get many emails from prospects that begin, "I've been following your stuff for a while now, and..."