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Social Media Engagement Strategy


Do you want to build a higher profile?

Do you want to better engage others?

Do you want your ideas and services to be front and center in the minds of customers, influencers, potential employers, and/or the media?

I can help you.

My Social Media Engagement Strategy program will keep you focused on the intersection of what matters most to you and what matters most to the people you want to attract, engage, and serve.

It's a simple but highly effective approach that elevates both your strategy as well as content. By "content," I mean all the communications you share publicly, from social media posts to your website to private emails and even face-to-face interactions.

Here's how it works:

1. We agree to work together for a full year. We will have regular monthly sessions (see below) and you will have regular access to my expertise via email.

2. Our launch session is a 90-minute Skype session during which we discuss your goals, challenges, opportunities, and current activities. I'll follow it up with a short but detailed summary of my initial guidance for your year ahead.

3. Then once a month we will have a 60-minute Skype session that focuses on your current priorities, messaging, and challenges. My role is to elevate your thinking. The vast majority of my clients are highly accomplished, but they weren't necessarily making it easy for other people to understand their skills and accomplishments. I solve this challenge, using my expertise in communications, social media, personalization, and business strategy.

4. Anytime you like, you can email me drafts of social media posts, emails, web copy, or strategic ideas. I'll respond with a frank opinion and constructive suggestions. If we need to jump on a call to keep you progressing upwards, that's no problem. My goal is to make you much more compelling and clear, period.

5. Along the way, I'll be looking out for your best interests and will send ideas, suggestions, and potential new contacts your way.



Get started working with me...

If this program sounds like something that could make a substantive difference in your career, I'll be happy to schedule a complimentary 30-minute call to answer any questions and so I can learn a bit more about you.