Making It Personal

This book was written in 2001, and predicted many of the personalization success stories – and privacy battles – we’ve seen emerge over the past ten years. It’s an engaging overview of a complex and mission-critical area, one that has grown in importance since the book's publication.


The book was critically-acclaimed; here are some examples:

The Dallas Morning News:

“(One of the ten) best business books published this year.”

CIO magazine: 
“Kasanoff shows he has a knack for making abstract discussions relevant to actual business practices.”

Marketing Business:
“It is a fantastic book that all marketers would be wise to read..”

“Bruce Kasanoff does a great job of breaking down personalization into easy to understand terminology and realistic approaches.”

Publishers Weekly:
“Businesses looking for slicker approaches in today’s iffy economy will appreciate this cutting-edge advice.”

Publishing News:
“Essential thinking… set to become the new bible of personalization.”

Executive Update magazine
(The Magazine for Savvy Association Professionals)
“The best thing you can do for the health of your association and your own career is to keep that computer in the briefcase on your next trip and read this book instead.”

Training & Development magazine:
“Kasanoff’s message was so compelling and insightful that I wanted to capture every nugget I could.”

M2 Best Books (UK):
“Kasanoff has researched the subject a great deal as he certainly knows what he is talking about.”

“Fully endorsed by Peppers and Rogers (who contribute to the foreward), Making It Personal is a One-to-One Future for the 21st century… But Kasanoff also goes much further beyond this initial theme and tackles the practical design and realistic implementation of personalisation strategies to make enterprises more efficient and competitive.”
“Accepting the growing backlash against marketing usage of people’s personal information, Kasanoff suggests a variety of non-intrusive ways of personalizing business.”
“Combining fictionalized anecdotes with real-world research, he explores current practices; ways that developing technologies may change this tomorrow; how meaningful information might be extracted from the mass of newly available data; and some unintended consequences that could ultimately result. Understanding and using these principles, Kasanoff argues effectively, will lead to ‘reduced costs, increased revenues, and stronger loyalty’ on all levels.”

Business Age:
“Helpful and informative, and the explanations and conclusions are clearly and compellingly presented… highly recommended.”

American Way:
“(An) expert treatise on the intersection between personalization, profit, and privacy.”