Two Valuable New Workshops...

"Storytelling" and "The Stories We Tell Ourselves"

In the above video, I talk about helping others, storytelling, creativity, and shifting your mindset from negative to positive. 

Storytelling workshop

STORYTELLING MAY BE THE MOST IMPORTANT SKILL of all in our fast-paced, 24/7 world. Great stories cut through the clutter, touch people, and motivate them to act.

Bruce Kasanoff is talented storyteller with the rare ability to talk about his craft in clear and simple terms. He can help you and your team:

  • Tell stories that matter
  • Be genuine and engaging
  • Detect and destroy needless—and ineffective—self-promotion in your messaging
  • Communicate more effectively with each other (i.e. internally)

Every one of his workshops is customized and confidential, because they cut to the heart of how your organization operates and what drives your success. He does not videotape his sessions or share them publicly. But he will speak with you in advance, and in great detail, about your needs and goals for each workshop he leads.

By the way, Bruce will also conduct a private coaching session on storytelling; this is ideal if you want to write your own stories, but would appreciate some editorial guidance and social media expertise.

"The Stories We Tell Ourselves" workshop

Nothing has a greater impact on your future than the stories you tell yourself today.

"I am... not as smart as my peers" will cause you to shy away from opportunity and to remain quiet, even when you alone are the only person with the correct solution.

"I am... not ready to lead" will stop you from winning a job you are better qualified to handle than those who are ego-driven but not especially capable.

But telling yourself better stories is a delicate art. Most of us can't simply slip in an "I am... a winner!" and have our brain instantly embrace that thought.

Bruce Kasanoff's workshops cut to the heart of this challenge, and they take many forms. He can lead a small group of 20 people on a personal exploration, or conduct a session for your organization. (Yes, organizations tell themselves stories, too, and they can be equally demoralizing or inspiring as the stories we as individuals tell ourselves.)

His workshops on this subject are inspired by the book "I Am" by Bruce Kasanoff and Amy Blaschka.

Your workshop will be customized to your needs... in a meaningful manner.