My Own Words and Pictures

Apparently I did not get the memo about ghostwriters keeping a low profile. While I keep my clients 100% confidential, I also write a huge amount of content under my own name. Little known fact: for a number of years, I had published more articles on LinkedIn than any other human. (That was before some folks starting publishing 5-10 times a day, even if it meant sharing their grocery list.)

My topics include:

  • doing well by doing good

  • serve, don’t sell

  • re-injecting humanity into business

  • clarity and focus

  • intuition and eureka leaps


Here are some of my most popular articles from LinkedIn and Forbes; most have received thousands of likes:



I often share sketches on LinkedIn, and sometimes create similar images for my clients; they do a good job of attracting attention and simplifying complexity.

Here are some of my most popular images...


More of my popular content...


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  • Visual thinking

  • Visualizations

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