“Bruce and Amy don't target your rational, logical, orderly side; plenty of books do that. Instead, they trust the power of your brain and heart to come up with amazing possibilities -- to let you wander, explore, imagine, and experience as you discover ways to unlock your full potential."

- Jeff Haden, excerpt from "Want to Unlock Your Full Potential and Live a More Fulfilling Life? Do 1 Thing First," Inc.com

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Q. How long should I spend on each meditation?

A. As long as makes you happy. Two minutes.. 20... there is no "right" answer.  Please don't be bound by what others do. Experiment, and discover what works best for you.

Q. What if I fall asleep?

A. Sweet dreams! There's nothing wrong with a quick cat nap. But you can minimize the odds of falling asleep by picking a spot other than your bed: a comfortable chair or sofa, for example. Try sitting up, instead of lying down. Bruce prefers to lie down on an out-of-the-way sofa, and guesses that he falls asleep perhaps one in five times... but he often wakes up with an amazing idea (such as the concept of this book).

Q. Can I do the same meditation more than once?

A. Absolutely!

Q. I feel uncomfortable writing in books. Do people really write their thoughts and experiences on the left hand pages?

A. Many people do, including both Amy and Bruce. But if you really feel uncomfortable, try placing a sticky note in the space provided and write on that.

The stories you tell yourself have immense power, but what if those stories are doing more harm than good?

The right stories will lead you to great success, but the wrong ones can hold you back.

Our book doesn't tell you what to think. Instead, it starts you along a path that unlocks your imagination, creativity, and potential. 

To take control of the stories in your head, you need to make the process interesting, fun, engaging, rewarding, and effective. This book does just that. It offers short passages designed to help you escape distractions, take control of your future, and rewrite the stories you tell yourself. 

Each entry in our new book is designed as a prompt... you take a minute to read it, then you close your eyes and let your imagination take over for a little while. 

We hope you enjoy it.

Bruce and Amy

A sample passage from the book:

I am… destined for a higher purpose

When the minutiae of the day consumes me, and I feel like I’m stuck in the weeds, I need to remember that there is more.

More for me to tackle. Bigger problems and loftier goals.

More of me to go around, not limited to my day-to-day fractional existence.

More to me than what is readily apparent. I must go deeper to fully realize my infinite potential.

I need to acknowledge that my destiny is tied to something greater than what is, and embrace the more of what could — and will — be.


I Am is a toolbox we can all use in our hyper-connected world. Bruce and Amy are absolutely right that when we prioritize slowing down, we’re actually unleashing our true potential and creativity."

Callie Schweitzer, Chief Content Officer, Thrive Global


"This book is like hot chocolate for your brain. Read it slowly, savor it, and you will be rewarded each time you repeat.”

- Carmen Simon, cognitive neuroscientist and author of Impossible to Ignore


"I love this book! It follows the format of the personal enrichment exercise "I am." I am... tenacious, intuitive, inspirational, playful, etc. But it goes on to describe each attribute chosen in the kind of appealing way that only Bruce Kasanoff and Amy Blaschka could achieve."

- Cheryl D. Snapp Conner, Founder and CEO, SnappConner PR


“Amy and Bruce nail the art of reflection. Prepare to be both inspired and refreshed.”

- Allen Gannett, author of The Creative Curve and CEO of TrackMaven


"INSANE. Your book is genius. In love w/ every word, and I learned a new one - coruscant."

Molly Tschang, CEO, Abella Consulting


"In these crazy busy times, it’s easy to lose sight of ourselves. We get caught up in “order-taking” and busy-ness. I intend to use Bruce and Amy’s book as part of my daily meditation. It is the perfect conduit to living consciously."

Lisa Nirell, author of The Mindful Marketer


“Bruce and Amy’s inspiring little book of ruminations on the wonders of life will give you the mental and spiritual energy boost you can’t get from your day job or your social media feeds.”

- Glenn Leibowitz, communications director at a global consulting firm and a LinkedIn “Top Voice”


"I love the book. It's honest and reflective and contains so much space for making it my own."

- Lila Smith, Director of Communications and E-Commerce, DNA Footwear


"Both poetic and mindful, offering a transformative path towards positivity, creativity, and unleashing your highest potential."

- Christoph Zohlen, Managing Partner, Radius 1 Consulting GmbH


"Amy and Bruce, I feel like the little girl inside me is finally listening.  I want to live 'now' and move forward rather than habitually paralyzing myself by looking into the past. My self-doubt and regret gives me only more pain and disappointment. After reading all the 'I am...' pages, I feel light yet powerfully optimistic about my future. Thank you for putting 'pen to paper' and sharing so lovingly of yourselves."

- Elizabeth, elementary teacher in Calgary, Alberta Canada