Originally posted on LinkedIn.    See the comments.

Originally posted on LinkedIn. See the comments.

Do you run a business and want to grow it by using social media? In the fewest words possible, here are four ways you—not your staff—can accomplish that.

1. Tell stories that matter—once or twice a week, post a story online that engages the attention of your audience. This includes current customers, plus "prospects" and influencers, as well as your employees. Be genuine and interesting. Make it personal.

2. Serve before you sell—your story must have a benefit to each reader, even if they never buy something from you. (If this is the case, your stories will be shared.)

3. One message at a time—each post should have one message, and your readers should be able to repeat it.

4. Break out of your bubble—don't just talk to the same people with the same tactics you used two years ago. Look deep inside and recognize what moves, motivates, and interests you. Push your boundaries. Grow as a leader, human being, and social media publisher.