Conversation Principles


Serve, Don’t Sell


When we talk, I’m looking to help you be of service to your network. This approach—serve, don’t sell—invariably leads to more success than any self-promotional activities.

One Message per Share

Your job is to share your best insights with me, or simply whatever is on your mind. My job is to parse out your thoughts into one concise, engaging and coherent message at a time.

What Matters Most to You?

Starting from what’s on your mind when we begin our conversation, I dig deeper. Why is this important? How does it reflect your core values and beliefs? Is there a deeper truth lying under what we’ve discussed so far?

Create a Window into Your Thoughts

This may sound paradoxical, but the clients of mine who enjoy the most success on social media are those who have no specific goals. That is, they don’t want to merely attract new clients, or sell more, or get more _____. The ones who have the biggest impact simply understand that by giving others a window into their thoughts, they will profit in many ways.

The more customers, employees and partners you have, the more it pays to be genuine online. In doing so, you bypass all the noise that makes it challenging for others to understand what matters most to you.