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If you are quotable and coming to Park City, I'd love to talk with you about joining me for a Chairlift Chat. I have interviewed actors, authors, entrepreneurs, musicians, speakers and many others.

Here's how it works...

1. We ski a few runs together and talk on the lift.

2. I turn our conversation into an article or video on LinkedIn (where I have over 850,000 followers) or an article on

As you might imagine, these are casual and relaxed conversations, but each one offers actionable ideas that others can use.

How to participate... or suggest someone

If you have something to share - or know someone coming to Park City who does - please reach out to me. I'm always interested in meeting new people and hearing about interesting ideas and perspectives.

This is the best way to contact me.

Special thanks to K2 Creative Productions, who filmed the videos on this page. They are true professionals. I have since edited some videos to remove outdated promotions, so any glitches are my fault, not theirs. I highly recommend them.