"Bruce is a masterful ghostwriter. Beyond his ability to simplify the complex, his intellectual horsepower serves as a sounding board for my ideas. He is quick to appreciate and build on unique insights, as well as to push back on ideas that may not be as interesting or engaging for my audience, or as well thought out. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him and have recommended him to several others searching for an intelligent source to give voice to their ideas."

David Nour, Relationship Economics® thinker, advisor, speaker, author

“Bruce helps me find the perfect ways to get my messages across. With seeming ease, he repeatedly articulates exactly what I want to say. I'm thrilled with our partnership, which has been productive, fun and full of mutual growth. He's the best!”

Molly Tschang, Founder & CEO of Abella Consulting

"Thank you for providing an excellent keynote to kick off our conference in the main tent. Throughout the conference, each of us heard references to the challenges you put in front of our OD members."

 David Brown, President, Independent Doctors of Optometric Care (IDOC)

"Bruce, you changed my life in ways I am unable to articulate. My earnings increased by 30% in just few months following my session! Bruce is phenomenal at listening to you, capturing your vision and making it plain....no matter how scatter-brained you may think you sound. He is intelligent and skilled...but more importantly ...what he has is a gift. This is his super power."

— Danielle D. Pollard, Performance Coach for Agile Development Teams

'"'A delight... an inspiration... a breath of fresh air.' These are the kinds of comments we’ve been getting from attendees ever since Bruce spoke at Bend WebCAM in October.

Cam Davis, Co-Chair, Bend WebCAM Conference

"Thank you again for the terrific job you did keynoting the Platinum PR Awards. It was a pleasure working with you, and your ‘Help This Person’ message is certain to inspire the hundreds of PR professionals at our event.

Steve Goldstein, Editorial Director of Events - Access International/PR News

"You are inspiring (both personally and professionally). Haven’t stopped thinking about the words of wisdom, and the notable experiences that you shared during your two talks."

Susan Sano Berado, Online Content Strategist

"I just wanted to say thank you once again for sharing your expertise with your dynamic presentation on Saturday. I had to watch most of it from the hallway due to the popularity!"

Stephen A. Kirsche, Jr., Wesleyan University, University Relations

“Bruce - I think I was meant to attend your presentation at Wesleyan University. Your talk on How to Bring Out the Best Talent in Others was a win-win-win for me. It helped me realize how in line your clearly stated approach is with my core values, it helped me see that I needed help, and it spurred me to action on transitioning my career from an active law practice to helping other attorneys improve their practices (and lives). Thank you for being a catalyst, helping me to help myself and others.”

Barry Seidel, Esq.

"Bruce came to speak at a conference that we hosted. His keynote was both entertaining and enlightening. He did a great job researching and preparing ahead of time so his talk was on point and valuable for the conference. Attendees reported to me that his presentation put them in the perfect frame of mind for the rest of the conference. I am very happy that he was our choice!'"

— Howard Nunes, President/CEO at PepperDash Technology Corporation


"Just wanted to say thank you again for the webinar. I think in one hour you helped me more than some advisors have in a year. You’re a great asset to the business world.  Thanks for what you do."

Daniel Gogek, Lawyer and consultant

"As a entrepreneur growing a new business, I found Bruce's workshop to be incredibly valuable - it simplified how to clearly and authentically communicate our key messages online and do so, surprisingly, with ease."  

Kelly Weber, Executive Leadership Coach