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This is an actual Amazon review by Dale Sullivan: 

"Unlike most similar books, Mr. Kasanoff actually explains how to take these baby steps. He doesn’t just tell you that you need to be generous, he explains some of the ways you can be generous and still end up promoting yourself.

"For instance, his first chapter explains how you can help yourself by helping others (really helping others, not just going through the motions). He makes it seem so easy that you wonder why you hadn’t thought of it yourself. 

One of the examples he gives of helping others to help yourself is this: when the phone rings on a busy day, don’t get frustrated by the interruption. Instead, think about how you can help the person who is calling…really help them. When you help them, they remember you (in a positive way). Then when you need help, they want to return the favor.

It’s a fast read, but one read-through isn’t enough. This is the type of book you will find yourself referring to over and over again."

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This entire column is an actual Amazon review by Nat B:

"Bruce Kasanoff is to career coaching what Jerry Seinfeld is to comedy. This book should be assigned reading in high school.

Kasanoff practices what he preaches: humble, kind, a great storyteller ... successful. Be like Bruce. Read this book.

Seriously, I can't get enough of Kasanoff's writing. He makes me cry, he cracks me up…

Right after reading Never Tell People What You Do, I purchased two copies for friends and have told countless others to go read it.

And then I went looking for him on social media. He's published 596 articles on LinkedIn. I'm so excited to get caught up on all of those. So far, it's been better than any Netflix binge.

Kasanoff's voice, his poignant messages, his easy breezy style ... His articles and this book are like potato chips. They're delicious and addictive. I can't stop reading--gotta have another..."