With presence, creativity, and intuition, I distill ideas to their most compelling essence, and thus create the clarity that leads to transformative action.

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For countless organizations and individuals, Bruce Kasanoff has helped them connect the dots and thus transform their ideas into compelling and actionable insights.

Bruce serves as a social media ghostwriter and advisor.

Leveraging his multifaceted abilities and experiences, Bruce gets to the heart of what is most helpful to the stakeholders around you. What matters most to your customers, employees, investors, and/or colleagues? Once you understand this, you can find the intersection of what they need and what you have to offer. 

Since 2014, Bruce has been a Forbes contributor in the Leadership and Career channels; he covers bringing out talent in others.

He is the co-author with Amy Blaschka of I Am: Escape Distractions, Unlock Your Imagination & Unleash Your Potential, a #1 new release on Amazon in Health & Stress.

He is also the author of How to Self-Promote without Being a Jerk and also Never Tell People What You Do, both of which have been best-selling Kindle titles on Amazon. He has served as a social media ghostwriter (i.e. storyteller) for highly accomplished professionals, including CEOs and entrepreneurs, plus leading consultants, speakers, and authors.

His personal credo offers a glimpse into his highly positive approach.

Earlier in his career, Bruce was an original partner of Peppers & Rogers Group, where he helped popularize the strategies of 1to1 marketing and personalization. His 2001 book Making It Personal predicted many of the personalization practices that have become mainstream today.  

Bruce is also an abstract photographer whose photographs serve as a powerful reminder of the power of focus, patience, and presence.

He is a passionate skier who conducts Chairlift Chats in Park City, Utah. One more thing... Bruce will cross the street to pat a dog.

A rich and varied background...

  • Named a LinkedIn Influencer in the first week of that program; more than 740,000 professionals follow Bruce.

  • The Chartered Institute of Marketing – the largest organization of marketing professionals in the world – included Bruce in their inaugural listing of the 50 most influential thinkers in marketing and business today.

  • Part of the Ogilvy & Mather team in the mid-90s that helped transform the IBM brand from arrogant to approachable.

  • Raised or helped raise $20 million for start-up and entrepreneurial ventures. "Marketing guru” for over 250 entrepreneurs—over five years—through the Birthing of Giants program at MIT.

  • An original partner of the customer strategy consultancy, Peppers and Rogers Group, and helped grow that firm from ten to 150 employees in three years.

  • Taught the capstone entrepreneurial course in the MBA program at Babson College.

  • Grew sales of a new product line from zero to $20 million in three years, while also traveling 14 times to Asia to establish two new factories to handle the demand.

  • Earned an MBA at The Wharton School and has presented at Wharton, Yale University, New York University, Fairfield University and Babson College.
Bruce uses this framework to guide his own career, and it informs his work with clients, both as a ghostwriter and advisor.

Bruce uses this framework to guide his own career, and it informs his work with clients, both as a ghostwriter and advisor.

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Amy Blaschka maintains her own writing and brand strategy firm but also collaborates with Bruce and some of his clients. She is the co-author of I Am: Escape Distractions, Unlock Your Imagination & Unleash Your Potential.

Amy is one of the most positive and popular storytellers on social media. Her engaging communication style has earned an enthusiastic following on LinkedIn, Thrive Global, and Medium where she aspires to inspire transformation.

She uses stories to strengthen both personal and corporate brands. Her specialty is helping you—or your company—to communicate in a manner that connects you with others.

Bruce and Amy are co-founders of More Intuitive, a new community for professionals who value intuition as an essential form of intelligence.