55 Minute Online Workshops by Bruce Kasanoff

Here's your chance to get career advice from one of the most widely-read and approachable LinkedIn Influencers, Bruce Kasanoff.

The format of each online workshop is the same: 25 minutes of content, then 30 minutes of personal advice.

Each session is limited to just six participants, so you get personal guidance from Bruce.

In many cases, participants learn just as much from hearing Bruce's guidance of others as they do his direct guidance to them. This is because many of us share similar challenges and opportunities.

Here's a quick overview of each workshop.

How to Self-Promote without Being a Jerk: Based on Bruce's book of the same name, this workshop outlines how you can power your career by remembering a simple sentence, "Be generous and expert, trustworthy and clear, open-minded and adaptable, persistent and present." 

This workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to have his or her voice be heard, but for the right reasons.

How to Be Ridiculously Likable: It sounds like an impossible mission: learn to be more likable. It isn't. A few simple principles greatly impact how people perceive you, and if you understand these principles, you can shift those perceptions. Being liked affects everything from compensation and advancement to social media success.

This workshop is designed for professionals who understand the importance of human relationships in business.

How to Bring Out Talent in Others: The most valuable talent is being able to recognize hidden skills that others possess. Why? There's only one you, and you only have so much time. But if you can bring out the best in others, you gain remarkable leverage. Become one who cultivates talent in others. It will enrich your life and supercharge your career.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to make a lasting difference.

Never Tell People What You Do: It’s a simple question, and you’ve probably answered it hundreds of times. “What do you do?” If you’re like most people, you probably get the answer dead wrong. Your standard reply is probably a factual description of your current job. The right answer is: what you WANT to do.

This workshop is for anyone who has struggled in interviews, discussions or on their LinkedIn profile to explain his or her value.