Career Coaching

I offer a premium career coaching service for professionals who are serious about growing their career around the principles of enlightened self-interest. Working with me is not a step to be taken lightly... to enjoy substantive results, you will need to make a significant commitment of both time and money.

In most cases, I recommend scheduling one Skype or phone session a month for six months. Depending on your needs, we may then agree to schedule additional sessions, but many clients take a break after this initial program.

The six topics we cover are:

  1. Enlightened self-interest as a career strategy. How to serve before you sell, and why helping others is such a powerful long-term strategy. But... you will need to be patient and disciplined. We will do a reality check, to see if this is a viable option for you, by testing these principles and practices against the big issues most central to your career.
  2. What can you offer others? We'll take a close look at your skills, experiences, and current role to discover the best ways to describe how you add value. Working together, we will come up with a two short statements: your purpose and your positioning. You will then use these statements in the month ahead to guide your actions working with others and on social media.
  3. Moving towards specificity. Now that you have spent a month guided by your purpose and positioning statements, we will revisit and perhaps fine-tune them. Then we will start on a list of specific actions you can take to bring these principles to life. You will test these actions in the month ahead.
  4. Revisit and refine. Over the past month, what worked best? What challenges or obstacles came up? We'll chunk these down, one-by-one, and refine your approach. We will also start a Proactive Relationship Strategy you can begin using to reach out to others as well as to deepen your existing relationships.
  5. Listening and learning. My best ideas and initiatives come from other people. Some people make the mistake of thinking my best skill is writing. Nope. My best skill is listening. I'll guide you to leverage the power of listening—both online and face-to-face—so that you can quickly learn what works for you and what does not.
  6. Making a difference. In the final session of your initial six-month program, we'll tackle the big issues most important to you; we identified these in your first session. These have been cycling in and out of our work, but now we will together to assess the progress you have already made and to identify the best focus for your efforts in the months ahead. At this point, you can decide whether to continue our monthly sessions or to take a break and use the skills and insights you have already acquired.

What if you have a specific problem (or opportunity) that needs immediate attention? No worries, if you have a hot issue, we can skip—or postpone—the initial six-month program and schedule one or more sessions to work on your urgent priority right now.


Getting started with me

The first step is easy: book your first session with me. 

Please use the button below to schedule and pay for your coaching session. Once you set your time zone, you will then see my calendar of available dates and times; I have openings on the dates shown in bold. Also, so that we can maximize the value of your session, please be sure to answer the questions in my Initial Questionnaire. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you don't see a time that works for you, please feel free to email me directly and mention a few times that you prefer (I am bkasanoff at gmail dot com).