i ghostwrite social media articles for entrepreneurs, speakers, consultants, and professionals like you

Yes, I will ghostwrite articles you can publish in your name on LinkedIn, or your own blog, or anywhere else. These articles will capture your best ideas.

Yes, I can help you wordsmith your website or LinkedIn profile. If you want a clear, compelling and conversational tone... I'm your guy.

Yes, I am affordable. I work fast and keep my fees competitive.

Yes, I have time for you. I work very fast and always have room for a new client.

Yes, we can talk in the next few days. Just use my Contact form to let me know when you are available.

More good news...

Yes, I work with clients all around the world. At the moment, my active clients are located in the United States, the UK, India, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany.

Yes, I am comfortable writing about numerous industries and subjects. In recent months, I have written about health care, technology, coaching, financial services, leadership, succession planning, business development, social selling, corporate governance, mindfulness, insurance, entrepreneurship, facilities, education, supply chain management, social media, public policy, diversity, and consulting. (I left out a few topics, because this is supposed to be a short home page.)

Yes, I can give you social media advice. As I type this, my article today on LinkedIn has over 1,100 Likes. I'm highly sensitive to the need to serve others and be sensitive to their needs... which is why I'm able to generate interest in what YOU have to say.

Yes, I can also create a SlideShare for you. As examples, here are two of my own SlideShares:

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