I help my clients harness the power of enlightened self-interest: be genuinely interested in the needs of others, and you will find yourself at the center of vibrant business and personal networks.

As my LinkedIn posts and Forbes articles show, helping others is a topic that resonates deeply among professionals. People want to be kind and help others, but they don't always understand how to do this in a corporate setting.

You can hire me as an executive coach, social media ghostwriter, or workshop leader:

Executive coach: I'll help you increase the market value of your ideas, services, and skills by developing far more compelling positioning.

Workshop leader: Enlightened self-interest is either at the core of your career, or non-existent. There's no way to "back burner" such a mindset.

I can bring this positive mindset front and center at your next business event, and bring your best people into a vibrant discussion.

Ghostwriter: Using strategy and focus as a starting point, I will help you find the right words to engage others. I work with leading executives and entrepreneurs as a social media ghostwriter. 

Photographer: My abstract art photographs encourage people to adopt a more mindful and focused mindset, in part because of the story behind them. I take each one using only the simplest of materials and equipment, to illustrate that beauty and complexity is all around you, if only you pay attention. Created as one-of-a-kind large metal prints, they are the perfect imagery for innovative businesses and leading organizations.