Your insights. My legwork.

My job is to take your insights and expertise and share it in a format that works well on social media. My clients are entrepreneurs, speakers, and other talented professionals.

In addition to being a ghostwriter, I write extensively under my own name on LinkedIn and Forbes. I practice what I preach, always using social media to help others rather than to simply self-promote. 

In all cases, I'm happy to first schedule a call to get to know you a bit. Just click this button...

Bruce Kasanoff’s writing style is exquisite. He writes with economy, clarity, logical progression - all the characteristics I lack - and I am as envious of him as I am Jimmy Page, Ella Fitzgerald and Robert Plant all combined.
— A client from Australia


For most of my clients, I write between three and ten articles a month for them. These tend to be a mix of articles based on conversations we have together as well as pieces I pull together based on themes they have asked me to pursue.

By publishing regularly, each client builds an audience and also makes it easy for others to understand his or her point of view. 

My objective is not only to capture your voice accurately, but also to elevate your intellectual capital by making it easier to absorb. My specialty is simplifying complex topics so that they are both engaging and easy to understand. 

The first step is always the same: we schedule an initial (free) call to discuss both your needs and the process of working together. Based on your needs, I'll then be able to provide you with a sense of my fees.

To set up your introductory call, please use this Contact Form to let me know a couple of times that work best for you. I'll respond quickly and confirm the time I can make work.