Here's a one-minute explanation of how I work with you...

My job is to attract positive attention to you, by sharing your best ideas in a clear and compelling manner.

Let's cut right to the hard question: if you're a successful professional, you can afford me. My rates are reasonable, and I work fast. For example, I charge $500 for a 500 to 700-word article.

How it works...

You use my Contact Form to set up a 30-minute call with me. In the call, you tell me a subject that interests you, that you'd love to have captured in a clear and compelling article you can publish under your own name. A few days after the call, I send you a draft of your article, complete with a headline and photo. If you want any changes, I make them.

That's it. You have a ready-to-publish article.

You don't have to organize your thoughts in advance, you just need to know the subject about which you want me to write.

We can repeat this process as many times as you like: once a week, twice a month, or whenever the spirit moves you. Over time, the process gets faster and requires less of your time, because I get to know your style and ideas.

Let's give it a try; I'll prove to you just how easy and effective my process is. Use my Contact Form now to give me a few times in the coming week that work for you. If you are in another country, we can use Skype.

Want a bit more information? Here are my ghostwriting qualifications...

My ghostwriting clients are confidential, but I can use my own experience to give you a glimpse of my capabilities. Without any outside support or pre-promotion, over the past three years, I have:

When you hire me, you're not just hiring a ghostwriter. You're hiring a business strategist with a wealth of real-world accomplishments, such as:

  • Part of the Ogilvy & Mather team in the mid-90s that helped change the brand positioning for IBM. Ran the IBM PC Company direct marketing account, then became the strategist for IBM in the interactive agency.
  • Cited by The Chartered Institute of Marketing – the largest organization of marketing professionals in the world – in their inaugural listing of the 50 most influential thinkers in marketing and business today.
  • Created pre-sales thought leadership programs for startups and leading technology companies including Oracle, Pivotal, HP, Broadvision and Epiphany.
  • As one of the original partners of Peppers & Rogers Group, helped to grow that firm from 10 to 150 employees in three years. Founded and ran the Training, Research and Interactive divisions.
  • “Marketing guru” for over 250 entrepreneurs through the Birthing of Giants program at MIT.
  • Raised or helped raise $20 million for start-up and entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Taught the capstone entrepreneurial course in the MBA program at Babson College.
  • Delivered hundreds of workshops, keynote speeches and training programs to a wide variety of organizations. 
  • For The Danbury Mint, created a new product line of precision-engineered model cars and took sales from zero to $20 million in three years.
  • Author of Making It Personal; co-author of Smart Customers, Stupid Companies
  • Earned an MBA at The Wharton School and have presented at Wharton, Yale University, New York University, Fairfield University and Babson College.

You can count on me to thoroughly understand your business strategy, to capture your personal voice, and to work collaboratively with your social media and marketing teams. I can communicate the words and ideas you would share yourself if you only had more time.

To learn more about my ghostwriting service, you or your colleagues are welcome to contact me at 203-341-9448 or via email; my address is bruce (at) I work in Westport, CT, just outside of New York City.