SMILE — A joyful way to accelerate your career


I'm highly intuitive in my approach to my consulting clients, but it helps us both to have a bit of structure to guide our work together. 

That's the purpose of SMILE. Here's how it works...

S is for your Stories, both those you tell yourself as well as those you tell others. Stories define you, and help you to attract and engage others.

In some cases, these stories can be confusing or convoluted. They can stray into the negative.

My role is to help shift your stories towards the positive, and to help you be clear and compelling.

M is for your Mission. It explains why you are working so hard, and demystifies what excites you. It also gives other people and organizations a way to decide if working with you is the right path.

This does not mean that you write down your mission and show it to everyone. It serves as your inner compass, and guides the decisions you make and the actions you take. 

I is for Integrity. Are you dependable and trustworthy? When times get tough, do you step up or step back? It's easy to come up with pat answers, but understanding your reality is critically important. For example, don't sign up to work 60-hour weeks if family and fitness are what matter most to you.

L is for the Links you build. How strong is your network? Are you looking for new relationships, or just applying for jobs? When you make a "pitch," are you speaking to people who know and trust you, or struggling to find anyone who will take your call?

E is for Execution. The best intentions aren't enough; you have to deliver results, and follow through on your best ideas. This, of course, isn't always easy... but that's why my support can make a big difference.

SMILE 5-step framework.png