Starter package

Before we talk about anything else, you should have a compelling LinkedIn profile with at least two articles published under your profile. This is the bare minimum for turning LinkedIn into an effective career - and marketing - tool.

Included in this package:

  • A revised LinkedIn profile, which means I'll rewrite your headline, Summary, and two most recent job descriptions. I'll also compose a keyword-rich list of specialties at the end of your Summary.
  • Two LinkedIn articles based on your skills, experiences, and ideas. For each article, we'll spend 30 minutes on the phone. You don't have to prepare in advance; I'll simply interview you. Most of my clients very much enjoy the process.

Fee: $2,400

90-day early impact program

Over a three-month period, I will create nine articles for you. These can be published on LinkedIn, or your own blog, and/or anywhere else that you have a relationship. (I'm a LinkedIn fan, so most of my clients start there.) I will also give you tips how to boost your readership and better engage your followers.

This program solidly establishes you as an accomplished professional with a depth of knowledge around your areas of expertise.

Fee: $2,400 a month for three months

thought leadership program


This program is for professionals determined to establish themselves as original thinkers and leaders in their space. 

By publishing four articles a month, you will establish an increasingly loyal following. For clients who commit to this program, I create - and constantly update - an editorial calendar that drives our work together.

In addition to working with you directly, I will proactively research both topics and opportunities related to your editorial calendar. For example, I will look for books and research that support your perspective, and will seek out other experts who you can feature in your posts.

This is a serious undertaking for professionals who are committed to being recognized as a leader in your field.

Fee: $3,500 per month, with a minimum commitment of six months