I use photography to explore interconnection, in the belief that everything in our world is far more interconnected than most of us acknowledge in our daily lives. 

If you like one or more images, I’d be happy to sell you a print at whatever size works best for you. Please just send me a note.

 "Ecosystem" as displayed in my living room.

"Ecosystem" as displayed in my living room.

In the image below you see my copy of Reaching Down—a 48" square photograph—and my Ray of Hope triptych, which stretches over 9' tall.

Falling Down and Triptych LR PC.JPG

I've been taking photographs like these since 2006, when I began disappearing into my basement armed with a camera and the simplest of materials: a flashlight, bits of string and paper, and perhaps another random object.

My original goal was to see if I could duplicate an image I'd seen on a magazine cover, one that portrayed the superstring theory. After a few months, I came pretty close. 

These are some of my early photographs; at that point, I was always photographing a vibrating object.

All photographs included in the three galleries below are available for sale.

2006-2007 photographs

It stunned me—and still does—how subtle changes in the way I move my camera or a light produce dramatic differences in the final image. Everything is connected; photography makes this incredibly obvious.

More recently, I have started experimenting with more techniques: different cameras, lighting, and raw materials.

2017 photographs

I'm taking more pictures than ever, and am having a wonderful time stretching my own boundaries. 

2018 photographs


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