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We will consider pieces of 225 words or less that serve as positive affirmations or examples of the power of enlightened self-interest.

You can also submit an offer of assistance in the form of artwork, design or technical skills, or anything else you think will elevate this project. We will credit all submissions that we use.

Here are some tips on increasing your odds of getting accepted:

1.) Be positive: The goal of this book is to remind readers to help others in a positive manner.

2.) Be career focused

3.) Be clear and concise: Each submission should have one clear message, no more.

4.) Be genuine and personable: Let your personality and point of view shine through.

If your written piece is accepted, your piece will be included in the book and you will be credited at the top of the page. Your name will be a link, so feel free to include your website or a link to your LinkedIn profile.

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