Kumbaya Capitalism

A good friend of mine calls my posts "Kumbaya Capitalism". He says I write what everyone wants to believe: be nice to people and you'll make more money. To him, Kumbaya is shorthand for sitting around a campfire together, singing songs, holding hands, and rocking back a forth. A friendship circle! Here's my question for you... should I embrace this phrase or not? "Be nice to people and you'll make more money" is exactly what I believe, regardless of whether you're a professional or a company. You'll also have a vastly better life in ways that have little to do with money. But I use "nice" in a substantive manner. Don't just be friendly; be there for others, especially in challenging times. You would think that everyone understands this already, but competitive forces weigh on all of us, and it's painfully easy to become obsessed with winning the race instead of building substantive and lasting relationships. What do you think? Is it time to break out in song?   Return to Kasanoff.com