Freakout Moments

For two hours recently, I was pretty sure I had lost my wallet. To make matters worse, during the day I had traveled 100+ miles from my home. One of the most likely places I had left it was a Subway restaurant in Mystic, CT. When I called to ask if they found a brown wallet, they said, "Yes, but we gave it to a man who came in and said it was his." Did it have cards in my name? They had no idea. Arrgh! My thoughts started focusing on the hassle of canceling my credit cards, getting a new license, and so on. Then I found my wallet! It had fallen out of my pocket and was behind my writing chair. But here's the rub... in the 20 minutes after my happy discovery, I felt more stressed than ever. There are certain systems in our bodies we don't fully control. My brain knew it made no sense to be upset after all was good, but calming down after two hours of anxiety takes a bit of time. To me, this is a bit of a "fail" on my part. Being upset wouldn't help me find my wallet or replace my cards. Next time, I will try to remember this. Next time, perhaps you will, too.   Return to