An Instagram Novice

Suddenly I am a novice at social media, trying my best not to embarrass myself on Instagram. I felt similarly years ago when I put my skis away (temporarily) and took up snowboarding, only to fall about 900 times in the first three days. It may look like I am trying to sell my one-of-a-kind abstract photographs on IG, but that's not true. I'm trying to learn. LinkedIn has taught me the immense value of listening and tinkering. I read every comment on my posts, which is how I get my best ideas for future posts. Plus, I meet some incredibly interesting and accomplished people. As I learn, I then tinker. Over the years, I've shared articles, then SlideShares, then visual thinking sketches, then videos, then text updates, and now abstract photographs. Every medium has taught me something worthwhile and—most importantly—connected me with new people and ideas. So if you have a tip to share with me and everyone else about using Instagram to learn, share, and connect with others, I'm all ears... please comment below.   Return to