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The most valuable talent is being able to recognize hidden skills that others possess. Why? There's only one you, and you only have so much time. But if you can bring out the best in others, you can really make a difference.

The Kasanoff Institute brings together professionals from many diverse walks of life, united by our desire to bring out the best in others.

Membership includes numerous benefits:

  • Inside the Kasanoff Institute, a weekly email that includes professional success tips, networking opportunities with other members, and the chance to share—and test in a collaborative environment—your own ideas
  • Free access to private phone calls and webinars available only to members
  • The right to email Bruce Kasanoff with your professional questions
  • First access to small live events in Park City, Utah and elsewhere

To ensure that the Institute remains a personal and highly supportive network, membership is limited to 975 professionals.

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