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Intuition Is the Highest Form of Intelligence

When You Make a Mess, Have Fun Cleaning It Up

Never Tell People What You Do

How To Stay Calm, No Matter What

Do NOT Teach a Starving Man to Fish

A Dangerous Lack of Empathy Prevails

Never Say "Currently Seeking Employment"

To the "Manager" Who Just Fired My Friend

How to Be Positive

Surround Yourself with Big Challenges


My Top 10 SlideShares

How to See the Light in Others

Nail the First 60 Seconds of Your Presentation

20 Rules for Selling Ideas to Your Boss

Profits Before People

Do Good, Better

20 Tips for a Great Career and Life

Simplify Your Future

This Is How You Get Attention

How to Fix Your LinkedIn Headline

The Secret of Finding Talent



When Someone Believes in You, Listen

Never Underestimate the Power of Focus

The Meaning of Life, Revealed

The 4 A.M. Call

The Best Game Ever

The Universe Is Telling You to Quit Your Job



Never Say "Currently Seeking Employment"

Rule #1: People Hire People They Like

How to Grab Attention for Your Job Application

Don't Expect Recruiters to Call You

Describe Yourself in Six Words or Less



The Science Behind the Most Successful Careers 

Women: If You're Competent, It's Time to Be Confident

Women Put Competence Before Confidence

More Ways to Be Ridiculously Likable

How to Be Ridiculously Likable



How to Self Promote without Being a Jerk 

How to Self-Promote without Being a Jerk (Slideshare)

The Incredible Benefits of Introducing Others

Do You Want a Lot More Social Media Views?

To Grow Your Business, Serve Before You Sell

If You Don't Listen to Others, Don't Read This

The Best Way to Sell a Product, Service or Idea

Secrets of Great Presentations #1: Show, Don't Tell (Slideshare)



We Are All Temporary Workers 

Do You Have Situational Awareness?

A Dangerous Lack of Empathy Prevails

Three Powerful Ways to Stop Wasting Time

Do This When You Are Dangerously Stressed

Surround Yourself with Big Challenges

From Fool To Cool: Stay Calm, No Matter What

20 Little Tips For A Big Career And Life



How to Get Ordinary People to Be Extraordinary 

To Lead Change, First YOU Have to Change

Leadership in One Word = Faith

With A Little Initiative, You Could Be A Leader

To the "Manager" Who Just Fired My Friend

The Human Side of Microsoft's Layoffs

Management Tip: Profits Before People

How to Foster Talent: Praise, Raise and Amaze 

Why It Is So Hard To Bring Out Talent In Others

Honesty without Compassion is Cruelty 

Never Pat a Female Entrepreneur on the Head

Why Business Is Like a "Gone Girl" Novel

How to Sell Anything to Anybody

Don't Ever Shoot a Dog!






The Best Talent Is Bringing Out Talent in Others

The Best Talent Is Bringing Out Talent in Others (Slideshare)

Three Words That Will Transform Your Career

When Corporate Systems Crush Powerless Employees

Each Day, Grow a Little Bit Wiser and Kinder 

The Incredible Power of Not Taking Credit

People Are What Matter Most in Business 

Your Kindness Will Lead You to Success

Five Simple Ways to Bring Out the Best in Others 

Be an Engaged, Thoughtful and Kindly Presence

A Simple Formula for Managing Talent (Your Own and Others)

The Secret of Success in Social Media

The Incredible Power of Not Taking Credit

Bringing Humanity Back into Business

Do Well By Doing Good (Slideshare)



How to Find Your Calling

Sell Your Talent, Not Your Time

What If Your Passion Doesn't Pay Enough?

How Great Human Beings Find Their Purpose

The Best Way to Get More Meaning in Your Life

Choose the Kind of Person You Want to Be

How to Get a Job That You Absolutely Love

Need a Weekend Job, to Feed Your Soul?



The Top 20 Lessons I've Learned in My Career

Simple Truths Your Boss Won't Tell You

The Most Powerful Habit You Can Imagine

How to Manage a Jerk Like Me

A Highly Effective Way to Avoid Wasting Your Time

What Everyone Wants, But Few Will Work to Build

If Your CEO Talks Like This— Quit

How Much Do You Use Your Strengths at Work? 

Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Is Tenacity Wrecking Your Career?

Will Big Data End Your Career Prematurely?



How to Inspire the Next Generation

How Do YOU Bring Out Talent in Others?

Are You Sacrificing Your Kids for Your Career? 


Not yet categorized, but still popular

Are Real Estate Brokers Obsolete?

Power Your Career by Exceeding Your Promises

Can Your Career Pass This Critical Test?

Why Less Effort Is Far Better for Your Career

Turn Your Career Away from the Dark Side

A Polar Chute is Better Than a Polar Vortex

My Secret Weapon Against Stress and Pain 

Airline Announces First-Ever "Nothing Class"

How to Attain Near-Perfect Decision-Making

This Surfing Lesson Can Pump Up Your Career

How to Love Life As Much As Surfers Love Surfing (Slideshare)

Battling The Perfect Storm... Inside Your Head 

Quick! Inject Deliberate Flaws into Your Products

How to Speak Tech (and Save Your Career)

Does Tech Scare You? (Slideshare)

Once a Week, Spend an Entire Day Outside 

How to Survive the Polar Vortex 

Take This "Think Clearly" Pledge with Me

Break Your Routine in 2014 

Answer This Question Before 2014 Begins

Why I Take Selfies on *Other* People's Phones

Share the Joy! (Slideshare)

Big Idea 2014: Be an Actual Superhero 

"Innovation" Has Become a Useless Word

Why Tinkering Around is the Key to Success

How to Write a Great College Application Essay 

$125K Job, No Degree or Experience Necessary