I ghostwrite articles for entrepreneurs.

YES, I can help you get attention online.

YES, I can save you a lot of time and effort.

YES, I can expose your best ideas to a much wider audience.

YES, I ghostwrite all sorts of articles for smart people in many different industries and functions: financial services, consulting, IT, healthcare, legal, social media, HR, and even oil and gas.

I love my job. Smart and talented people tell me their best ideas, then my job is to share their insights in a clear and compelling way. Every client makes me smarter; in return, I help more people benefit from their skills.

I'm also a social media pro.

One key difference between myself and most ghostwriters is my understanding of social media. I'm active on Twitter and SlideShare, and have over a quarter million followers on LinkedIn. So I don't just write articles; I write articles that engage readers and encourage them to like, share and comment.

Here's a quick overview of how my clients and I work together. If you don't want to watch the video, read this instead.


"Help others."


Now you know my social media strategy. The secret is out.

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