My job is to help you be clear and compelling on social media...

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Short articles

My most common assignment is to create 500 to 700-word articles for my clients that they publish on LinkedIn, HuffPost, Medium, INC., Forbes, or other outlets. 

These share topics related to your area of expertise. They don't sell directly, but rather seek to serve your network. In the process, however, they keep you - and your offerings - front of mind.

I can position you as a thought leader or simply as a trusted advisor. The choice is entirely up to you.

You can get a sense of my fees and packages here.

In-depth thought leadership

These longer "think pieces" establish my client's credibility and depth of knowledge; they often require research and interviews. They range from 3-4 pages to the length of a short e-book.

They are appropriate when your audience expects detailed guidance and/or plenty of practical examples.

Visual frameworks

For high-end consulting and technology firms, one image can generate millions of dollars in revenues. While a partner at Peppers & Rogers Group, I developed the above framework based on my partners' books. This framework was instrumental in generating nearly ten million dollars in consulting revenues.

I use my own simpler images to generate significant amounts of social engagement online

Contact me

If you can spare 60 seconds, please watch my video and see how easy it is to work with me.

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