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Escape Distractions, Unlock Your Imagination & Unleash Your Potential

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Amy Blaschka and Bruce Kasanoff offer an amazingly simple, incredibly powerful set of tools to shift your perspective and unleash your potential.

Each passage in their new book is designed as a prompt... you take a minute to read it, then you close your eyes and let your imagination take over for a little while. It doesn't matter whether you sit for five minutes or 20... do whatever enriches your experience.

I Am is available exclusively as a paperback on Amazon, starting January 2.

A sample passage from the book:

I am… destined for a higher purpose

When the minutiae of the day consumes me, and I feel like I’m stuck in the weeds, I need to remember that there is more.

More for me to tackle. Bigger problems and loftier goals.

More of me to go around, not limited to my day-to-day fractional existence.

More to me than what is readily apparent. I must go deeper to fully realize my infinite potential.

I need to acknowledge that my destiny is tied to something greater than what is, and embrace the more of what could — and will — be.