The world’s best-known ghostwriter/coach

“Bruce has a way of re-framing seemingly complex ideas simply and concisely, making you wonder why you thought they were complicated in the first place” — Amazon reviewer of Bruce Kasanoff’s book, How to Self-Promote without Being a Jerk

With a following of over 850,000 professionals on LinkedIn, I’ve created a unique niche as a ghostwriter/coach. For each of my clients, I perform both functions… not only helping them communicate effectively, but also helping them focus on what matters most.

Here is the system I use to increase the odds that my clients succeed.

Basically, I ask that new clients agree to:

1. Have a standing weekly call with me of 45 minutes, during which time we discuss two things: what you are focused on that is most important to you, and what you would like to share publicly this week (i.e. on social media or internally in your company, etc.).

2. With my support, publish your thoughts at least once a week.

3. Pay me a monthly retainer in advance that is due whether or not you keep on schedule (please see explanation below).

4. Commit to work with me for at least six months.

The reason for these four requests is simple: consistent sharing of what you believe is the key to success for my clients, and these terms have been proven to keep most new clients on schedule. Before I started doing this, over half of my new clients would drag their feet publishing, approving drafts, or scheduling calls.

If this sounds reasonable, let's set up a call - let me know what works for you - and we can discuss details and your needs.

I can help you with so much more than just social media

While most of my clients initially seek me out for help with social media, I can also help you with…

Values statements: If you don’t work on your company culture, you won’t have one. With your leadership team’s input, I can craft a short, clear, and compelling statement of the values that drive your company. And the one I help you create will not only get read, it will be remembered.

Critically-important memos: Want to light a fire under your team? Or maybe you need to convince a buyer that your deal is the best? When you need to be extremely clear and persuasive, I can supply you with just the right words.

Short speeches: It’s generally not a good idea to write word-for-word an extended presentation, but call on me when you need to speak for three to ten minutes in a precise manner. This can happen when a client needs to announce a new partnership, explain a merger or acquisition, or reward type of results that typifies your company values (see Values Statements above).

Investor pitches: Why is your company worthy of an investment? This is where many brilliant company founders lose their way. You can be so close to your innovation that you lose sight of the highly competitive nature of the marketplace. (Translation: there are lots of deals out there.) I’ll help you hone your pitch, and will be happy to make adjustments as you get feedback through meetings and discussions.

How to get started

Your first step is to schedule an introductory call. We’ll talk about your needs, and I can explain my process and what you should expect.

I help leaders stand out for the positive. The best system I know for doing this is Lonnie Mayne’s Red Shoes Living program, and I use his approach to guide my ghostwriting/coaching practice.

I help leaders stand out for the positive. The best system I know for doing this is Lonnie Mayne’s Red Shoes Living program, and I use his approach to guide my ghostwriting/coaching practice.


My clients

To protect their confidentiality, I’m describing a representative sampling of my clients from recent years in this general manner:

  • 15+ consultants from a mid-sized firm

  • 6 highly popular keynote speakers

  • CEO of a health care consulting firm

  • 2 CEOs of firms within the legal industry

  • Founder of an M&A consultancy

  • Manhattan realtor

  • 2 executive recruiters

  • 3 customer experience experts

  • Chief Revenue Officer of a 2,000-employee consulting firm

  • 2 Australian entrepreneurs

  • Berlin-based consulting firm

  • Hugely popular TEDTalk author and speaker

  • 2 Cybersecurity experts


Here are some of my own books, articles, and presentations…