Social Media Ghostwriting

I work with a select group of leading executives, entrepreneurs, social innovators, speakers, and authors.

My role is to take your best ideas and craft them into a form that works best on social media. I'm skilled at capturing your voice while also saving you time and effort.

Every article I write for you will have just one message. This makes it easy to understand and share. One message per article is a proven strategy for success on social media, but the vast majority of stuff you see online violates this principle.

You're busy. I get it.

I've structured a process that doesn't take much of your time. Once we've had a few conversations (please see the one-minute video at the right) and I've written a few pieces for you, I can take the ball and run with it. I'll send you headlines in advance, you approve all or some of them, and then I draft, say, one article a week based on these headlines.

What to expect from me...

Here's what the marketing experts over at Hubspot wrote about using stories to grow your business:

Think quality, not quantity. This may mean that you slow down and produce less media, but that’s okay. Do less stuff but make each one count. Blindly blasting out a bunch of junk is not going to get you anywhere, and may even set you back and hurt your brand. Take a deep breath. Think about what your brand stands for, and what you can do that will really have impact. 

If you want quality, I'm your guy. My focus is on the intersection between your goals and the needs of your readers (i.e potential customers).

You can count on me to steer you in the right direction, leveraging my knowledge of social media and my business experience. Long before I became a ghostwriter, I was a successful speaker, consultant and entrepreneur. This means that the articles I write are grounded in what actually works in business.

To get started or learn more, please use my Contact Form to give me a few times that you are available to talk.



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