My clients make their livings through thought leadership and by growing the value of their intellectual property (IP). My job is to increase the value of their IP by spreading it in a clear, compelling, and engaging way across social media.

Having done this for years, I've learned that one element rises above all others when it comes to social media success: publishing regularly. That is, if you don't publish on a regular, predictable basis, you won't be happy with your results.

For that reason, I ask that new clients agree to publish at least six times a month, and preferably eight. 

Most of my work involves these three elements:

POSTS of 150 words or less

This is currently working best in business social media: short updates focused on a single, highly actionable message. Such posts are surprisingly difficult for many people to craft, for the same reasons as that old saying, "If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter." Personally, I love writing these short, highly focused posts.


These are more substantive pieces, but still are each focused on a single message. They are excellent vehicles for sharing enough of your intellectual property to attract new clients, plus potential partners and sponsors.


I coach my clients how to best engage and excite others.


My four-step process for working with you...

1.) Interviewing you to reveal your most engaging insights and best practices. I make it easy for you to tell stories that matter.

2.) Focusing your attention on one message at a time. 

3.) Helping you serve before you sell. On social media, you first have to excel at helping others before you even think of helping yourself.

4.) Breaking you out of your bubble, even if you don't realize you've been in one. I find more interesting ways for you to have an impact and be incredibly compelling. Generic writers just go with the flow; I push back, challenge, and inspire you.

My role is to take your best ideas and craft them into a form that works best on social media. I'm skilled at capturing your voice while also saving you time and effort.

You're busy. I get it.

I've structured a process that doesn't take much of your time. Once we've had a few conversations (please see the one-minute video at the bottom of this page) and I've written a few pieces for you, I can take the ball and run with it. I'll send you headlines or ideas in advance, you approve all or some of them, and then I draft your articles and posts.

What to expect from me...

I work fast and produce top-notch content.

I'm much more than just a writer. I've launched companies, raised venture capital, been a highly successful speaker, and helped technology companies go from startup to IPO. Today, I'm a ghostwriter by choice, because it's invigorating and enlightening to have some of the smartest people in the world call me each day with their best ideas.

You can count on me to steer you in the right direction, leveraging my knowledge of social media. Translation: not many ghostwriters have built a following of more than half a million people. (The actual number is two; the other one is Jeff Haden. He ghostwrites books, so if that's your goal, call him.)

To get started or learn more, please use my Contact Form to give me a few times that you are available to talk.


Do you ghostwrite books? No. I mainly ghostwrite social media articles. But I have several clients who have commissioned me to test book ideas by writing articles. In one case, I wrote over 40 articles that my client published on social media. The client plans to use social engagement to guide which topics become focus areas of her book.

Do you really only write for speakers and consultants? No, but most of my best clients are in these two categories, because they are committed to growing and capturing the value of their intellectual property, and they recognize that social media is a superb medium to accomplish this. But my clients have also included company founders and top corporate executives.

Can I see samples of your work? All my client work is confidential, so I can't share that. But I have written over 600 articles under my own name on LinkedIn, and over 100 articles on Forbes. Prospective clients use these pieces as a way to explore my ability to write in a clear and compelling manner.

What is your typical turnaround? One to three days.

What topics do you write about? If you can describe it, I can write about it. That said, I have often written about technology, career development, business strategy, financial services, health care, innovation, startups, venture capital, personal development, leadership, marketing, customer experience, and social innovation.

Do you work on resumes/CVs? Sorry, no. 

Does social media attract new clients? Yes! Aside from referrals, I get 100% of my new clients from social media. I do no outbound selling or advertising. My best clients have similar experiences. I say "best" because success on social media requires persistence and consistency; readers have to get used to seeing your posts, so that they begin to look for them. Trust develops over time, and curiosity builds. I get many emails from prospects that begin, "I've been following your stuff for a while now, and..."


Since my clients are confidential, I use works published under my own name to give you an idea of my writing style...