If you can remember G2C2, you can remember the four elements that will elevate your career from pretty good to great.

My theory of life goes like this: we all know the right things to do, but on a day-to-day basis, we forget them. For example, when it's 8:45 a.m. and an unimportant emergency strikes, you begin the process of forgetting what is actually important.

So I look for simple devices to remind me. My favorite is G2C2.

Growth: The best way to increase your odds of career success and personal satisfaction is to keep growing. The more you expand your skills and expertise, the more opportunities you will create.

Grit: Can you spend five years focused on one goal? That's grit. You can't do anything big without it. Fortunately, with effort you can grow your ability to display grit. 

If you don't have true grit (sorry), then make this one of your top priorities. It won't be easy, but it is vitally important.

Compassion: Yes, your goals are important. Yes, you have to stand up for yourself. But you also have to stand up for others.

Without compassion, you won't be any good at selling.

Without compassion, you won't be any good at serving your clients.

Without compassion, you won't be able to maintain satisfying and strong relationships with others.

Truth is, you can be successful without compassion. I'm just not sure you can be happy without it.

Clarity: This is what separates people who mean well from people who do well.

Clarity is getting the right balance between who you are communicating with right now (your audience), what you are trying to get them to understand (your message), and how you are sharing this information (the medium).

Fit them all together well, and the result is clarity.

Growth, grit, compassion, and clarity = G2C2

If you like this article but forget my message by tomorrow, I've failed.

G2C2 is something you need to remember forever.