In 2017, I launched a project that I dreamed about for years: Chairlift Chats.

The idea is simple. When exceptionally interesting and accomplished people come to Park City, I ski a few runs with them and then share their best ideas with you via a Chairlift Chats article. Depending on the topic, I'll be sharing these pieces with my nearly half million LinkedIn followers or via my Forbes articles.

My first chat was with Chris Brown from LinkedIn.

Then I featured entrepreneur Jerry Howells Sr. More recently, I profiled the dynamic Sharon Anderson Morris. Then I conducted numerous chats as part of the innovative Thin Air conference in Park City. (We cheated a bit by bringing a chairlift car into the bar.)

As you might imagine, these are casual and relaxed conversations, but each one will offer actionable ideas that you can use.

Clear, simple, and compelling. That's the ticket.

How to participate... or suggest someone

If you have something to share - or know someone coming to Park City who does - please reach out to me. I'm always interested in meeting new people and hearing about interesting ideas and perspectives.

This is the best way to contact me.