Step-by-Step Instructions for LinkedIn Publisher

The first time you publish an article on LinkedIn can be a bit of a challenge. Here's exactly how to do it so that your first effort makes you proud.

1.) Go to the LinkedIn home page and click on "Write an Article" at the right of the screen (see image below). This will bring up the article template.

2.) Add a picture at the top.


To add your picture, click on that blue + sign surrounded by the two boxes. Once you upload your image, there will be a space right underneath it where you can credit the source of that image.

Credit your images like this:


At all costs, avoid clip art! I go to and search for Creative Commons images that allow you to use them for free with attribution (this means you credit them at the bottom of your photo).

 I find a nice image, then take a screen capture of the image that is exactly 400 pixels wide and either 700 or 900 pixels wide. (Flickr images come in many sizes, so you still have to take a snapshot that is exactly one of these sizes.) There are many free tools that let you do this; you might try Capto.

3.) Create a catchy headline.

Your headline should give your readers a reason to stop what they are doing and invest a few minutes in reading your article. Three Ways to Get a Job at a Startup is a good headline (notice that I capitalized the first letter in every word, except for prepositions). The Obstacles that Some People Face after They Get Depressed and Have Trouble Finding a Job is not a good headline; it is too long and does not promise worthwhile information.

Your headline, including spaces, should not be longer than 50 characters, or it will get cut off when displayed on LinkedIn.

Now write your article where it says "Write here". A good length for your piece is about 400 to 600 words; less feels more like an update than an article, but more gets to be a bit much for an online article.

4.) Add your author's credit at the bottom, in bold. This should be one or two sentences about you that gives the reader a way - and a reason - to contact you. Here's what mine looks like:

Bruce Kasanoff is a ghostwriter for entrepreneurs and executives. Learn more at He is the author of How to Self-Promote without Being a Jerk.

5.) Use bold and italics sparingly. The menu bar at the top of the page lets you format your text. See that blue Publish button at the top right? That's how you'll publish your piece in a minute (but not yet).

6.) Insert an image or video? As you type your article, there will be a little rectangular icon to the left of each new paragraph (you can see it under #3 above, next to "Write here".

If you click on it, the below menu bar appears. Then just click to upload an image or video. 

7.) Proof your piece, three times. I'm serious.

8.) Publish your article. Just click that blue Publish button. When you do, a pop-up will ask you to write a line or two that will go to your network. Be sure to use common hashtags at the end to help other people find your piece. Here's what I wrote about one of my recent articles:

9.) If you can improve your article after publishing, improve it.

You can always edit your article after publication. Just go to the article page, and if you are signed in to LinkedIn there will be an EDIT button to the far right of your headline.

I do this all the time, mostly based on reader comments, but sometimes because after a few hours or a few days, I get a better idea.