Publishing on LinkedIn Last Week

What a difference a few months make.

Thanks to help and guidance from Olya Zakharova, I'd like to share with you a sense of how the LinkedIn Publisher program is growing.

A few months ago, only a few hundred Influencers could publish articles on LinkedIn. Now, a rapidly-expanding number of members can do the same, and soon everyone will be able to do so.

We were able to count 984 articles last week, 160 of which (roughly 16%) were written by Influencers. 

Far more than 984 articles were published last week, but that is how many showed up on the "Top Posts" page. To make that page, you had to get at least 200 views. I searched manually and found plenty of posts that had fewer than 200 views.

My best guess is that the total number of articles published was 4,449. That's how many show up when I search on LinkedIn for articles within the past week. If this is true, then articles from the LinkedIn Publisher program already outnumber Influencers by about 32 to one.

Here are some of the stats:

  • Wharton professor Adam Grant had the #1 post, with 608,000 views.
  • Number five was Felix Salmon, with 255,000 views
  • It took 129,000 views to grab a spot in the top ten.
  • Influencers grabbed eight of the top ten positions, but - said another way - two members made the top ten, Wayne Pan and Sara Sutton Fell. 
  • 78 authors attracted more than 10,000 views.
  • 564 articles were placed into a category (i.e. Career or Technology), which - I'm guessing - suggests that an editor looked at them and categorized them.

Publishing on LinkedIn does not guarantee you an audience:

  • Roughly 500 authors got more than 1,000 views.
  • Roughly 500 authors got 200-1,000 views.
  • About 3,400 authors attracted less than 200 readers.

The most competition occurs early in the week; here's how many articles were published by day:

  • Monday - 213
  • Tuesday - 208
  • Wednesday - 175
  • Thursday - 168
  • Friday - 132
  • Saturday - 54
  • Sunday - 34

This was a very rough first attempt to quantify the status of LinkedIn articles. I welcome your feedback.