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Bruce Kasanoff is both a writer and a ghostwriter.

As a writer on doing well by doing good, he is a LinkedIn Influencer with over 650,000 followers. He also covers bringing out talent in others as a Forbes contributor. Bruce is the author of How to Self-Promote without Being a Jerk and also Never Tell People What You Doboth of which have been bestselling Kindle titles on Amazon. 

As a ghostwriter, Bruce works with highly accomplished thought leaders to turn their best ideas into highly engaging social media posts.

One of the most approachable LinkedIn Influencers, Bruce delivers workshops that explore the role of enlightened self-interest in professional organizations and within individual careers. His personal credo offers a glimpse into his highly positive approach.

Bruce is also an abstract photographer whose photographs serve as a powerful reminder of the power of focus, patience, and presence. 

Earlier in his career, Bruce was an original partner of Peppers & Rogers Group, where he helped popularize the strategies of 1to1 marketing and personalization. His 2001 book Making It Personal predicted many of the personalization practices that have become mainstream today. 

He has delivered hundreds of workshops, keynote speeches and training programs to a wide variety of organizations. Bruce earned an MBA at The Wharton School and has presented at Wharton, Yale University, New York University, and Fairfield University. He is a passionate skier who has coached young skiers at Stratton Mountain in Vermont. He now skis in Park City, Utah.


Amy Blaschka maintains her own firm, rbp consulting, but also collaborates with Bruce and some of his clients. 

Amy is a branding and positioning expert who creates highly engaging content. She is especially adept at helping her clients to communicate in a manner that connects them to others, finding and establishing their unique "online voice" to humanize their messaging to position them for success. 

Bruce and Amy are co-founders of More Intuitive, a new community for professionals who value intuition as an essential form of intelligence.